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Parents, we are doing our best and the comfort of our children is one of our top priorities. Anyone else tired of seeing their child's head "ragdoll" forward, even on the shortest of car rides? I want to immediately pull the car over and prop something under my daughter's chin to keep her head back to avoid her waking up with the dreaded neck pain that can be caused from riding with your head dangling forward. 

So I got to work creating The Lily Pad. When designing The Lily Pad I kept my three top priorities at the forefront; quality, simplicity, and comfort. I wanted something that wouldn't force or fix my child's head in one position. The Lily Pad is the perfect combination of support for their chin to rest up and back while allowing their head and neck to freely move side to side. The patent pending design of The Lily Pad also takes into mind the comfort of the child when awake. Our open cell memory foam wedge, wrapped in organic cotton that velcro straps onto any carseat or stroller strap does just that. That is why at The Lily Pad Company our motto is:

"Helping your little ones rest comfortably"

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